- A - Total =164
- B - Total = 281
- C - Total = 100
- D - Total = 170
- E - Total = 28
- F - Total = 74
- G - Total = 140
- H - Total = 62
- I - Total = 26
- J - Total = 79
- K - Total = 285
- L - Total = 47
- M - Total = 252
- N - Total = 113
- O - Total = 16
- P - Total = 154
- Q - Total = 02
- R - Total = 81
- S - Total = 207
- T - Total = 74
- U - Total = 13
- V - Total = 85
- W - Total = 22
- X - Total = 00
- Y - Total = 21
- Z - Total = 35
Surnames Groupwise With Their Origins { Total = 2,531}
~ EUROPEAN ~ Total =66
~ RELIGIOUS ~ Total =83
~ TRADE / PROFESSION ~ Total = 433
~ PLACE ~ Total = 509
~ GENEALOGY ~ Total = 143
~ IRANI ~ Total = 814


     C= CHARACTERISTICS      Total = 483      
CAagia One who is hot tempered like fire. AAG=Fire.CChakkarA Mad Person, CHAKKAR= Mad.CGhaaziTurkish Origin meaning the great Hero, Wounded in Battle.CKhabardarone who is always Alert & Cautious.CMotaparaOne Who Lives in a Big Suburb MOHTA=Big.  PARAA=Suburb. CSaavna 
CAaiyemCould be from English  ~  I - AM !CChallaone who is not stable.CGhamatOne that gets Dirty Due to Sweat or Perspiration.CKhajuriOne Who Looks like a Date Tree,  KHAJURI=Date Palm, Tree.CMotashaOne Who is Like a Big, An Elder Person, MOHTA=Big. SA=Like.CSagarLike a Sea, SAGAR=Sea.
CAapakhatyaarA Person who is a self proclaimed Authority, AAP=Self, AKHATYAR= Authority.CChandaLike a Moon, CHANDAA=Moon, Moon Faced.CGhambhirOne who is Serious Looking.CKhandhyOne who has a Hump. KHAANDHY=one having a HumpCMotashapurOne Who is Big, An Elder Person, MOHTA=Big. With Shapur Added.CSaherOne Like The Morning, From Arabic Meaning Morning, Awakening.
CAashaOne Having Faith or Hope. AASHAA=Hope, Faith.CChandabhaiOne Like a Moon. CHAAND=Moon.CGhanimatOne who is Fortunate.CKhansahebA Title, Adapted from Muslims - Khan.+Saheb=Master, A respectful word.CMotavaaraOne Like a Big Toilet.  MOHTA = Big, VAARA = Toilet.  A derogatory term. No longer Used.CSahiyarA Freind of the King, From SHAH=King  I=Of  YAAR=Friend.
CAaswalaOf One Having Faith or Hope., From AASHAA=Hope, Faith.CChandanaOf a Person Like a Moon. CHAAND=MoonCGharaieOne That is Deep & Strong.CKharaasOne who is like a Bell. Persian KHARAAS=Bell.CMotiOne like a Pearl, MOTI=A Pearl. Also A Fat Woman.From Gujarati MOHTI = Fat Woman.CSaiwalaOne of a  Saint Person, SAI=A Saint Person.
CAgaOne Like a  Nobleman.CChandaruLike a Moon, CHAAND=Moon With Daru added as Suffix.CGhardaOne who is like an Old Person. GHARDAA=Old Person.CKhareghatCMotigaanwalaOne having a Big Arse, A Derogatory Term.CSakhidaasA Friend Helper, SAKHI=Friend, DAAS=Servant
CAibaraOne who is Squint eyed. One Aaimai of the Family had a Squint eyed (Baro) son. People would inquire  ('Aai-Bara Kem chhe') Ai How is your  (Bara) Son?  The Name AIBARA Stuck to him.CChanjiLike a Moon From CHAAND=MoonCGhobhai / GobhaiOne Who is Like a Cow.CKharikhaooone who eats the leg part of Animals, KHARI=Leg of Animal.CMotishaOne like a Pearl, MOTI=Pearl.CSantokOne Who is Contented.
CAkhunaOne of a Teacher, From Persian / Arabic AKHOON=Teacher CCharnaLiterally Meaning Of Four, Of a Family of Four..CGobalOne Who is Like a Cow.CKhariyanone like the eater of Legs of Animals.CMugatOne Like a Head Gear, A Crown. MUGAT=Crown.CSatthaOne who is Cunning.
CAllawaliA Simpleton, Like a God's Man.CChhappaniaLiterally Meaning Of 56, CHAPPAN=56, - Of the Famine of 1956.CGodhaOne who is like a Bull, GODHA=Bull.CKhasimaiA Lady who Castrates Bullocks & Goats etc. Also a Tribe in Assam Namd KHASICMugolOne who is Like the Moghul.CSavaiA Person who is  Superior. One Fourth More than One, SAVA= 1+1/4th.
CAminOne who is Honest, Trustworthy& Faithful.CChhayelOne who is very Good Looking.CDGoiporiaOne Who is a Story Teller.CKhasusaOne who is Sure. KHASUS=Sure.CMunaheriCSethAn Employer. Originally SHETH=Employer.
CAmulyaOne who is very precious, invaluable. Mulya=Price & suffix A=Not.CChhaylaOne who is very Good Looking.CGolabi-GardanLiterally Pink Necked, GOLABI=Pink, GARDAN=Neck.CKhokhriOne Like who sells Cereals. Also Colloquially, Broken.CMydearOne who may have been saying 'MY-DEAR' most of the Time.CSethna / ShethnaOf The Employer. Originally SHETH=Employer.
CAndhyarujinaOne who is from the Darkness, Originally Attributed to the Hindu Priests,  From Sanskrit -  'ADHVARYU'   Later on To the Parsi Preists who were doing Rituals mostly during Night time, in Darkness.CChhogaOne who is like a Feather in the Cap.CGoleCKhoriOne Who is Like Rancid, Spoilt Food, From KHORU=Rancid, Spoilt.CNaamdarA,Respectable Person, From Persian NAAMDAAR=A Respectable Person.CShahnaOf A King, Originally SHAH=King.
CAslajione who is Original, true. ASAL=Original.CChhoiAdapted from Shanghai's expert Weaver - CHHOI. THREE - (TAN)- Brothers from the Joshi family in Surat Along with CHHOI, developed the Special Weaving process of Brocade Saris. Better Known as – TAN-CHHOICGoli One of who is like a Bulllet, GOLI=Bullet.CKhotLike one who is Deficient, lacking, KHOT=Loss, Deficient, Lacking.CNaamdaranA,Respectable Person, From Persian NAAMDAAR=A Respectable Person.CShaveerOne Like a Brave, Heroic King, VEER=Brave, Hero.
CAsliOne who is Ancient, The Original. From ASAL=Original, Ancient.CChhorOne who uses a Razor, One like a Barber.GGolimarwalaOne of who hits like a Bulllet, GOLI=Bulllet, MAAR=To Hit. WALA=Of.CKhusharaOf One who is Happy. KHUSH= Happy.CNaamdariOne Like who is A Respectable Person, From Persian NAAMDAAR=A Respectable Person.CShenoyA Hindu Title. A Leader of the Army. Originally from SHRENIPATI, to SENIPATI to SENA=Army, PATI=Lord, Leader. 
CAspandiarA friend of the Horse, From Persian ASP=Horse, YAAR=Friend.CChhubOne Having very less, like Rock Bottom.CGookhaooA waste Eater. An Eater Of Faeces. A derogatory Term no longer Used.              Also used as a Term for - 'Eating one's Own Words'C KhushkhushalOne who is Very Happy, KHUSH- KHUSHAL=Very HappyCNaamvarA Famous Person NAAMVAR=Famous.CSidhwaOne who Proves or Substantiates.SIDDH=Proven, Substantiated. WAA=Of.
CAspandiyariA friend of the Horse, From Persian ASP=Horse, YAAR=Friend.CChiliOne who is Swift Like an Eagle.CGoraOne who is Fair Skinned.CKikaOne Like a small child. Gujarati KEEKO / KEEKAA=Small Child.CNadarshahOne who is Like an Extraordinary King. NADAR=Extraordinary,  SHAH=King.CSidikaalaOne Black like a Siddi, an Indian tribe of African origin.
CAsparone like a horse Persian Asp=Horse.CChindhyOne like a Long Thin Cloth Strip.GGoranaOne who is of a Fair Skinned.CKodiaOne like an Earthern Lamp. From Gujarati KODIYUN=Earthern Lamp.CNadiriOne who is The Best, Extarordinary. /NADAR/NADIR=Extraordinary.CSinaOne Like a Bush, which dispenses Knowledge. A Giver of Knowledge.
CAthejiOne who is from the starting. ATH=StartingCChiniminiOne Looking Like a Chinese.  A Nickname for a Chinese.CGorimar / GolimarOne who hits like a Bulllet, GOLI=Bulllet, MAAR=To Hit.CKohidarooOne who is  of the Mountain + Daroo added.. From Persian KOH = Mountain. I = Of.CNagadOne Who has Cash Money. NAGAD=Cash.CSirwala
One Of a SIR Adapted From English SIR & WALA=Of  Added.
CAuvwaOne who is Like a Fruit, Arabic AUVA=Fruit.CChorLike a Robber, CHOR=Robber.CGorkhaooEater of Jaggery originally GOL=Jaggery  KHAOO = Eater.CKohinaOne who is  of the Mountain. From Persian KOH=Mountain. I = of.CNajmiOne Like an Astrologer, Originally From NAJUMI=Astrologer CSogu 
CBaabaakhanOne Like a Royal King. An Arabic Title..CChothiaLiterally meaning the Fourth, CHOTH=Fourth, The Fourth Child of a Family.CGotiOne who is Like a small Knot. Also a Pawn in Chess.CKohiyarOne who is a friend of the Mountain from Persian KOH=Mountain YAAR=Friend.CNalladaruOne who is Small. From NANAA=Small & Daru Added. CSolaDoctor 
CBaaraalaakhiOne who is having Twelve Lakhs. BAAR=Twelve, LAAKH=Lakhs.CCooperone having a very narrow outlook.CGotlaOne Like a Border of a Garment. Also The Seed of a Fruit Specially Mango.CKolahOne with a Head Gear, A Helmet.  From Persian KOLAAH=Helmet, Head Gear. Worn Mainly during Wars. CNallasethOne who is Small. From NANAA=Small & Seth Added. CSubaawalaOne who is of a Province Or Area of a Kingdom. Old Mughal SUBAA=Province.
CBaarbhayaOne having Twelve Brothers.BAAR=Twelve  BHAYA=Brothers.CCowjinaOne who is like a Cow. Adapted from English COW.CGotlasethEmployer Like a Border of a Garment. Also The Seed of a Fruit Specially Mango.CKorkhaooOne who is an (Eater) / Destroyer of Leprosy a Skin Disease. Orginally  KODH = Leprosy.CNanabhaiLike a Small Brother. NANAA=Small. BHAI=Brother.CSukhaaraOne who is Contented, at Peace. SUKH=Peace.
CBaawanLiterally Meaning Fifty Two. in Gujarati.CCowjivaOne who is like a Cow. Adapted from English COW.CGotlibaajOne who is an Expert in Bunking, Shirking Work.CKotkotiaOne who is Like a CrorePati, A Billionaire. KOTI= Crore, Ten Million.CDNanakukaOne who is Small. From NANAA=Small & Kuka Added. CSukhabehraOne who is a Totally Deaf Person, SUKHAA=Dry .BEHRA=Deaf.
CBabaaliOne who creates uproars causing trouble or Problems.BABAAL= Uproar CCoyajiOne Having a Big Eye Ball. COYA=Big Eye Ball.CGungna / Gungana One Having a Nasal Voice. Also for a Person who cannot Speak.CKukaOne who is Like a Small Pebble. From KOOKO=Small Pebble.CNanjiOne who is Rich. From NAANAA=Money.CSukhiaOne who is Happy & Contented.
CBabariaone having lots of hair on his head. CDaabdiOne like a small Box, or Case DAABDI=A Small Box.CGyaraCKukadaruA Suffix DARU Added to KUKA.CNashaOne who is Intoxicated, Drunk. NASHA=Intoxication.CSukhlaa
One who is Happy & Contented.
CIBadshahA King, From Persian PADSHAH Meaning a  Big King,CIDaaneshmandOne who is of a Wise Mind, Originally From Persian DAANISH=Wise, MAND=Mind.CHaardaaOne of who is Like a Necklace, or Garland. HAAR=Necklace, Garland.CKutarCNavaLike a New one. NAVAA=New.CSunaiji
CBaglaOne like a Stork or Crane.CDaantraOne having teeth showing outside his mouth.CHaatariaOne who is from a Market, HAAT=Small Market.CLaafaA Person who Gives Slaps, LAAFO= Slap.CDNavaamanekLike a New Ruby. MANEK=Ruby..CSundriOne Who is a Beautiful Lady.
CBaglione who does Exercises with Dumbbells.CDaasOne who is like a Servant, DAAS=Servant.CHaathiOne Like an Elephant, HATHI=Elephant.CLaalone who is a Pet Son, also Red Coloured. LAAL=Red, Pet Son.CDNavalmanekOne Like a New Ruby. NAVAL=New, MANEK=Ruby.CSurdas
A Blind Person.
CBahadurOne who is Brave. BAHADUR = Brave.CDaboo / DabuOne who Kept Control over People. Originally DAAB = Control, Pressure.CHaathidaruA Suffix DARU added to that like an Elephant.CLaaliOne who has reddish face, LAALI=Reddish.CDNavayazdanOne Like a Newt YAZAT.CSuren
One who is Heroic. Persian SUREN=Heroic, Also Sanskrit SURA=God. Lord Indra.
CBahadurjiOne who is Brave. BAHADUR = Brave.CDabriOne Like a Small  Box Of Copper or Brass. CHaathiramA Suffix RAM added to that like an Elephant.CDLaalkakaLiterally Meaning Red Uncle.LAAL=Red. KAKA=Uncle.CNavdarOne who Looks Young, New.CSuvarna
One who is of High caste. SU=Good VARNA=Caste.
CBajiraoOne who is like the famous Maratha sardar, BAJIRAO.CDDadabhoyOne who is Old Like a Grandfather. DADA=Grandfather.CHaayvaayOne who is always is in Sorrow, Of Sorrowful Nature.CLakdiOne Who is Like a small Stick.CNaviaOne who is New & Young.CTaantra
Like a Sticky Thread.  One who is Very Thin Like a Thread.  Originally From  TAANT = A Kind of Sticky Thread.
CBalaOne who is on the Top. Baalaa=on the Top.CDDadachanjiOne who is Old  Like a Grandfather, With Chanji added. DADA=Grandfather.CHiraOne Like a Diamond, HIRA=Diamond.CLakkaOne who is Like a Kind of Bird.CNazarOne who has Good Sight.CTaaraa
One Like the Stars. TAARAA=Stars.
CBalajiOne who is on the Top. Baalaa=on the Top.CDDadamaniOne who is Old Like a Grandfather.With Manii added. DADA=Grandfather. CDHiralaherA Suffix LAHER added to that Like a Diamond.CLakkanOne who is Like a Kind of Bird.CNekooOne who is Good & Piure. NEK=Good, Pure.CTaaskar
One Who is Like a Shallow Plate.
CBariaOne who is a Squint -Eyed., From Original BADO=Squint Eyed.                          Could Also be From DEVGADH BARIA Town & Tal.Panchmahal Dist, In Gujarat. (The aborigins of the Village are Known as Baria).CDDadamariOne who is Old Like a Grandfather. With Marii added. DADA=Grandfather. CDHiramanekLike a Diamond & a Ruby, MANEK=Ruby.CLallaOne who is Like a small Child.CNentinCTachakra
One who Breaks his Joints Noisily.
CBatkiA Small Statured WomanCDalkhaooAn Eater of DAL, A Lentil taken with Rice.CHojerwalaCLangrana / LangdanaOf a Lame ancestor, Originally LANGDAA= lameCOgra One Like the Person who distributes Watery Rice Like Kheer, A Kasmiri Origin Called WUGRA, which later was adapted as OGRA.CTahelaOne who is fond of telling tales A Gossiper.
CBatti / Batty one who is like a lamp light.CDamankeshOne Like who can Supress or Tame.CHomyarA Friend of HOM = A type of Tree Juice used in Iran for religious purposes. And YAAR=Friend.CLashkariOne like a Soldier. LASHKAR=Army.COliaOne Like a God's Man, A Saint.CTambaak
CBavaAadamOf A Very Ancient Time. BAAVAA=Father, AADAM= Adam, The First Man.CDangorOne who is Like a Small Thick Stick or Club. DANGORU=Small Thick Stick.CHonarmandOne who is Proficient in many Skills, Originally HUNNAR=Skills.CLatthOne like a Thick Stick, LATTH=Thick Stick.COliajiOne Like a God's Man, A Saint.CTamna
CBawajiA Pet Name given to Parsis, As they lived secluded Like BAWAS=HermitsCDarabiOne Like the Persian King DARAB.CHozdarCLikimnaOne who makes strong Resolutions.CPaarastarOne who is Like the Proverbial Stone - PAARAAS, Which Turns any Metal To Gold.CTangri
One who Puts His Legs in Things. TAANG=Leg.
CBehdinOf the Good Religion, Originally  Persian BEH=Good, DIN=Religion.CDarabianOne Like the Persian King DARAB.CIlluCLovjiOne who Goes on Chattering. From Gujarati LAVVUN=To Chatter,To Prate.CPadarOne Who is Like the Edge of a Cloth.CTaraa
One who is a Time Buff.. Also like the Bulls' Urine used in Religious Ceremonies.
CBehdinanLike One who is of the Good Religion, Originally from BEHDIN+AAN=OfCDarashaOne Like the Persian King DARAB.CIrawaCMaahiyaariA Friend of the Fish, MAAHI=Fish, YAAR=Friend.CPadderOne who Does Work one by one.CTarachand
One Like the Stars & Moon. TAARAA=Stars CHAND=Moon.
CBehraaOne who is a Deaf Person. BEHRAA = DeafCDariyashaOne whose Heart is Very Large, Like a Sea DARIYA= Sea. SA = Like A.CDJaadaashapurOne like a Fat Shapur,CMaakhaniaOne like a Butter, MAAKHAN=Butter.CPadshahPersian for King. Same as BADSHAH.CTata
Inherited By Jamshedji , whose ancestor was Very Hot Tempered, Like a Tartar. A more appropriate Coinage could be from Gujarati RAATA -TAATA, Originally Gujarati RAATAD = Red faced  (with Anger like a Tartar).
CBehraanaOne who is Of a Deaf Person.CDebu / DebooSame as DABOO, but used for a Laity Class.CJaagosCMaakidalalCPanday / PandeyOne who is a Learned Man. From Sanskrit PANDITYA=Learned Man.  A Bhikhaji Behramji (Of Bhikha Behram Well) while coming to Mumbai from Bharuch, was arrested on suspicion of being a spy. He was kept in a 'PANDERGADH' Fort Near Valsad. Popularly known as 'PANDAY' Fort. Thus This Surname  PANDAY.CTatnaana
CBehrasa / BahrasaOne who is a Like a Little DeafCDevA Devil, (A Derogatory Term used in Avesta) Opposite in Sanskrit -it means, A God.CJabbarOne who is a Tyrant, an Oppressor. From Persian JABR=Tyrant .CMaakihataCPanderOne who Likes to give Advice. CTattari
One who is Straight Backed, Stiff Backed. TATTAR = Stiff Backed.
CBe-KeriOne Like Two MangoesCDhaaylaCJaglaC GMaakihatanaCPantyCTengra
One With a Sad Face. Also one Who is Very Talkative.
CBelikakaOne Like a Saviour BELI=Saviour, With KAKA addedCDhabharCDJahanbakshiOne who Gives to the world, JAHAN=World, BAKSH=To Give.CMaakihatuCPapaCThookchaat
One who Licks after Spitting. THOOK = Spit, CHAAT=Lick.
CBemaniOne beinGDishonest, From Original Persian, BE=Not, & IMANI = HonestCDhabhiCJahangiriOne who carries the World, JAHAN= World GIR=To Carry.CMaaplaCParastarOne who is worthy of  Worship, Adorable..CThuthaji
A Person without Some Fingers or Cut off or Broken Hand, THUTHA=Cut off Hands. Broken Hands.
CBetabOne Who is Distraught, Worried & Impatient.Eagerly Waiting for Something.CDhabliwalaOne Dealing in a Coarse Woolen Cloth. DHABLI= Coarse Woolen Cloth.CJaiyaOne Like a Type of Flower.CMaapra CParbhuGujarati For God. Originally From Sanskrit PRABHU=God.CThuthi / Thoothi
A Lady without Some Fingers or Cut off Hand, Or Broken Hands. THUTHA=Cut off Hands, Broken Hands.
CBhaanjaA Relation, Maternal Nephew. One'sSister's Son.CDhaliCJavanmardOne like a Young Man. JAVAAN=Young. MARD=Man.CMaaswaCPardeseeGujarati For- Foreigner, Of Foreign Land.. PARDES = Foreign Land. EE=Of.CToorki
One who Looks Like a Turk.
CBhabhaLike an Obedient Person,CDhalooCJeejibhoyOne who agrees with all Things. JEE - JI = Yes, Yes, O.K. His Original family Surname was Batliwala as he sold Empty Bottles.CMaavandadiCPatlaA Thin Person. Gujarati PATLO=Thin Person.CToti
One Like a Cap on Bottles.
CBhadarCDhandaOne Like an Old Ox. From DHAANDAA=An Old OX.CJehanbakshzadehA son of one who gives to the world. JAHAN=World. BAKSH=To Give. ZADEH=Son.CMachhariOne who is like a Mosquito. MACHHAR=Mosquito.CPatlooA Thin Person. Gujarati PATLO=Thin Person.CTristin
CBhagatOne like a Disciple, From Original BHAKT=DISCIPLECDhandyLike A Community of South Gujarat Named DHAANDIYACJhabuliOne who looks like from Jhabulistan, a province in anciient Iran.CMajaiLike a Sister. Born of His own Mother.MAA=Mother JAI=Born.CPatuckOne who is a Reader or eager to learn. From PATHAK=A Reader, one Eager to Learn.CTukdewala
One of who is Broken, in Fragments, TUKDA = Broken, Fragments.
CBhaijione who is of a Brother. BHAI=Brother.CDhanjibhoyOne Who is Rich, Having Money. DHAN=Money, + Anglicized form of BHAI - BHOY used as a Respect.CJigosCMajainaOne who is of Like a Sister. Born of His own Mother.MAA=Mother JAI=Born. NA=Of.CPatviOne who is Like a Crowned  Prince in Waiting. From PATVI -KUNVARCTukina
One who Gets the Essence of Things.
CBhakkaone who is Blunt, Outspoken, Telling Things on the Face.CDhaplaOne who is Pleased & Happy.CJillaCMajraOne who is Blue Eyed.CPavriOne who is Like a Wind instrument used mainly in Maharashtra.CTut / Toot
One who has a LonGChin.
CBhardaone who speaks as he likes.CDhasinaOne of a Hot Tempered, who gets Angry Very Easily.CJithraCMakaabiCPeerFrom Persian PIR.= A sage  An Old sagacious Man; A  Religious Teacher CTutna
One of who has a LonGChin.
CBhayaLike A Brother.CDholuCJivasaOne who is Lively.CDMakabahmanCPeerbhaiOne who is like a Sufi Religious Teacher a PIR.CUkaji
One who is like a Protector. From Arabic UKASHA=Protector.
CBhojaiA Relation, Sister-In-Law, Hindi For BHABHI=Brother's Wife.CDhondyOne Who is Like a Fool. Also a tribal community in South Gujarat Named Dhondy.CJogiOne Like a Saint.CMakkaOne Like a sacrificial fire. Sanskrit MAKHA = Sacrificial Fire.CPetitFrench for One who is Small & Dainty, Specially used for Women. (In Reality It is termed PETITE)A Nassarvanji Kavasji who had a very small strature was Termed by the Frech as" Le Petit Parsi"(The Little Parsi) & This Stuck to be their Surname.CUkerji
One who is like a Protector. From Arabic UKASHA=Protector.
CBhojuone who Enjoys or Uses things. BHOJAK=One who Uses, Enjoys.CDhumpalCJokhiOne Like who Weighs Things.CMalooOne who is Squint Eyed.CPhantiCUstad
One who is an Expert.
CBholaAn Innocent, A Simple Person/ From BHOLA=Simpelton.CDityaCDKaalaabhaione who is Black, KAALAA=Black +Bhai added.CMamaA Relationship-Maternal Uncle. MAMA =  Mother's BrotherCPilcherOne who is Like an Elephant Faced. PEEL=Elephant. CHEHER=Face.CVaachhagandhi
One who is  a Shopkeeper In VAACHHA Town.
CBholagandhiLike a Simpleton Shop Keeper.CDiwariaOne Like a Wall.CDKaalaagandhione who is Black, KAALAA=Black +Ghandhii added.CManaOne who says No. MANAA=Say No.CPiltan / PiltonPEEL=Elephant, TAN =Body.  Elephant Bodied, Strong Like an Elephant.  An Epithet used for Rustom Pehlvan.CVaansh
CBhootOne who is like a Ghost. BHOOT= GHOST. A story goes that the Nomenclature originally Was BAHOOT=Very Much. They used to put an apostrophe - B'hoot, since then the apostrophe seems to have been dropped & the Word came to become BHOOT instead of BAHOOT.CDodhiOne Like a Long Gourd, DODHI=A Long Gourd.CDKaalaagopione who is Black, KAALAA=Black +Gopii added.CManjiOne who Does of His Own Mind. Hindi -MAN=Mind.CPiltaniOne Of a Strong Elephant bodied Person.CVafaadaar
One who is Loyal, VAFAADAAR=Loyal.
CBhoptione who is Foolish. From BHOPO=Fool.CDokawalaOriginally Taken From DOKA WADI WALA Shortened to  DOKAWALA.  Named from a Maidan near the GOTI ADRAN In Surat. Originally Known as DOKA-WADI, as There was a fierce Battle between the Marathas & the Moghuls & as many Heads had rolled there, so it was Known as DOKA = HEADS & WADI = Place, Area. The Palia Family who owned the land Adopted the Surname DOKA WADI WALA.  Later Shortned to DOKAWALA.CKaalapesiOne who is Black, KAALAA=Black with Pesi added.CMannaOne who Does of His Own Mind. Hindi -MAN=Mind.CPochaOne who is Soft, POCHA=Soft,CVankadia / Wankadia
One who is Bent, Not Straight. From VANKU = Not Straight.
CBhotOne like a Dunce, An Uneducated Person.Originally Was BAHOT=Much more. They used to put an apostrophe-B'hot, since then the apostrophe seems to have been dropped & the Word came to become BHOT instead of BAHOT.CEnteeOne who is obstinate or Stubborn.CKaameCMaooOne Like who is mostly Hungry.CPocharaOne Of a Soft Person.CVaraaOne who gives blessings. VARAA=Blessings.
CBhuraOne Very Light Skinned. Man.CEnthCKaaraapatelone who is Black, KAALAA=Black +Patel added.CMari-Ni-GoonA Sack of Pepper, MARI=Pepper, NI=Of  GOON=Sack.CPocheeOne who is a Soft Lady.CVarma
One like an Armour One who gives Protection. From Sanskrit VARMAN=Armour, Protection.
CBhuranaOne Of a Very Light Skinned.CEskiOne who is Fashionable, Dresses Well.CKabirOne who is A Big person, a Famous person.CMayanCPopatOne Like a Parrot.CVaroo
One Like a Wolf, VAROO=Wolf.
C BhuriOne Very Light Skinned Lady.CFakirjiLike a Hermit, FAKIR= Hermit.CKabrajiOne who likes to keep on Grumbling.CMedhoraCIPoulaadA Person Strong as Iron. POULAAD / FAULAAD= Iron.CVatsa
Lke a Child. From Sanskrit VATSA = Child, Son.
CBodaone who is Lazy or Dull. From BODO = DullCFanibandaOne who Looks like a Wedge of Wood.CKadvaOne Bitter like, KADVA=Bitter.CMehentiA Hard Worker  From MEHENAT-Hard Work.CIPoulaadiOf a Person strong Like an Iron.CVelati
A Foreigner, Originally  VILAYAT = Foreign land. Mainly used for England.
CBodeCFatak / PhataakOne very fast or speedy. Fataak=Very Fast, (Sound of a Slap)CKakaRelationship, A Paternal Uncle. KAKA = Uncle, Father's Brother.CMeherganiOne Like the Festival Of The Sun, MEHERGAN=Sun's festival.CPuccaA Shrewd, Cunnig Person.CVelayatia
One of a Foreigner, Looking Like a Foreigner.
CBogaA Stupid Person. BOGHA=Stupid Person.CFatakiaOne who Boasts about his own Importance.CKakaliaKAKALIYA=Quarrelsome, Troublesome. Originally attributed to people who were quarrelling all the time, Frivolously.CDMeherhomjiOf The Sun.+Homji addedCPudumjiOne like a Lotus. Sanskrit From PADM=Lotus.CVevai
A Relationship. Son's / Daughter's, Father-in-Law. VEVAI=Relationship, Father of Son / Daughter to be Married.
CBoiOne Like a Pomphret Fish.CFulpandewalaCKamdinOne who likes to fulfill everyone's wishes. From KAAMAD=To fulfill one's wishes.CMeherjiOf The Sun.  Persian MEHER=Sun.CRaagiOne who is Lovable, A Lover.CVevaina
One Father-in Law Of a Son / Daughter. VEVAI=Relationship, Father of Son / Daughter to be Married.
CBoomlaOne Like a Bombay Duck.CGaamwalaLike a Villager, One who lives in a Village. GAAM=Village.CKamode One Like  a Kind of Cereal. KAMODE=A Kind of Cereal.CMehrbabaOf The Sun. MEHER=Sun + BABA Added.CRaanjiOne Like who lives in Jungles.CVikaji
CBoomlakhaooOne Who Eats, Bombay ducks. BOOMLA=Bombay Ducks, KHAOO=Eater. CGaandabhaiLike a Mad Person GAANDAA=Mad Man.CKamyarA friend of the work. KAAM=Work YAAR=Friend.CMithujiOne who is Sweet, A Sweet Talker. MITHU=Sweet.CRajiaOne of who is Happy.CVirji
One who is Brave From VEER=Brave.
CBoosaCGaandiwalaOf a Mad Woman, GAANDI=Mad Woman.CKankikhauAn Eater of Pieces of Rice or Other Cereals, KANKI= Very Small Pieces, KHAU-Eater.CMoglai / MuglaiOf One who is Like A MogulCEReadymoneyCawasji Jehangirji  'READY- MONEY' of Mumbai was ever READY with his MONEY to Fund Good Causes. Hence The Name. (Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai is Named after him.)CVirjivira
One who is Brave From VEER=Brave.
CBorkaOne Without Hair, A Bald Person.CGabbaOne who is Like a Fool, a Stupid PersonCKarakaCMogulOne Who is Like A Mogul.CRoointanHaving a Body Like Bronze, Invincible. Name of a Persian Hero who Poured Molten Bronze on His Body to Prove The Importance of His Religion.CDWaaraa / Vaaraa
Like a Toilet, A derogatoiry term, (No longer used.)
CBotuOne Like a Bone in The Meat.CGabbarOne Like a Rich or Powerful Person,CKarkariaAdapted From KAKALIYA=Quarrelsome, Troublesome. Originally Attributed to people who were quarrelling all the time, Frivolously.CMokiCRoshniBrilliance, Shining.CWaghlacooper
One Cooper who stayed at Waghala a Town in Maharashtra.
CCamaCGablaOne Like a Foolish or Stupid Person.CKarmaaCMoogaOne who is a Dumb Person, MOOGA=Dumb.CRudibainaOf a Good Looking Woman, RUDI=Good, BAI=Woman.CWasikusi
One who is stale, From WAASI=Stale.
CCamakakaCGai / GaeDocile Like a Cow. GAI=Cow.CKarwaone who is Bitter Originally from KADVA=Bitter.CMooganaOf A Dumb Lineage.CRudinaOf a Good Looking Woman. RUDI = Good Looking Woman.CWaugh
One like a Tiger. WAUGH=Tiger.
CCamakhanCGamadiaLike a Villager, One who lives in a Village. GAAM=Village.CKashinathOne who is like the ruler of KASHI A city in Uttar Pradesh. NAATH=Ruler, Owner.CMoogasethLike A Dumb Employer.CRumani / RomaniOne With a Beautiful Face, Specially used for a Woman.CWaughmarOne who is a Tiger Killer, WAUGH=Tiger, MAAR=Killer.
CChaaraniaLike A Ballard, one who sings songs in A Kings Court. CHAARAN = Ballard.CGamirCKatilaOne having good waist From KATI=Middle part of the Body, Waist.CMoosCRupalaA Good Looking Person, RUPALA=A Good Looking PersonCWaughmarooOne who is a Tiger Killer, WAUGH=Tiger, MAAR=Killer.
CChachaA Realtion, Paternal Uncle. Hindi (CHACHA)  For Gujarati KAKA = Father's Brother.CGanaaOne who is Like Solid & Thick. GHANA=Thick.CKatkiOne like a small piece.KATKO / KATKI=Small pieceCMota / MohtaOne Who is Big, An Elder Person, MOHTA=Big.CSaatinOne Like a Silky Cloth. SATIN=Silky Cloth.   
CChachawalaOne of a Paternal Uncle. Hindi (CHACHA) For Gujarati KAKA= Father's Brother.CGaribaaOne Like a Poor or Helpless Person From Garib=PoorCKewalaCMotabhoyOne Who is Big, An Elder Person, MOHTA=Big. With Bhoy Added.CSaatpaatiwalaOf Seven Cloth Strips Mainly used for Cots, SAAT=Seven PAATI=Cloth Strips.   
CChakaaraaone saying bad things on ones back.CGatta / GuttaOne Stiff Like a Cardboard.CKhaariLiterally One who is Salty, Originally KHARU=Salty.CMotafaramOne Who is Big, An Elder Person, MOHTA=Big. With Faram Added.CSaatpaniwalaBeing of Seven Waters (Seas), SAAT=Seven, PANI=Water. 483 

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