~ TRADE / PROFESSION ~ Total = 433

- A - Total =164
- B - Total = 281
- C - Total = 100
- D - Total = 170
- E - Total = 28
- F - Total = 74
- G - Total = 140
- H - Total = 62
- I - Total = 26
- J - Total = 79
- K - Total = 285
- L - Total = 47
- M - Total = 252
- N - Total = 113
- O - Total = 16
- P - Total = 154
- Q - Total = 02
- R - Total = 81
- S - Total = 207
- T - Total = 74
- U - Total = 13
- V - Total = 85
- W - Total = 22
- X - Total = 00
- Y - Total = 21
- Z - Total = 35
Surnames Groupwise With Their Origins { Total = 2,531}
~ EUROPEAN ~ Total =66
~ RELIGIOUS ~ Total =83
~ TRADE / PROFESSION ~ Total = 433
~ PLACE ~ Total = 509
~ GENEALOGY ~ Total = 143
~ IRANI ~ Total = 814

     T= TRADE / PROFESSION     Total = 433      
TAacharyaA religious Head, A Priest, A TeacherTChhipaOne who Prints Designs & colours on Cloth.TGannaawalaA Person Dealing in Sugarcane, GANNA=Sugarcane.TKothawalaOne who works in a Granary or Ware-house, KOTHA = Warehouse, Granary.TNadiwalaA Person who Deals in River Products, NADI = River.TSeervaiLike a Lion. Persian SEERVAI=Like a Lion.
TAagboatwalaOne who Worked on Petrol / Coal fired Steam Boats, AAG = Fire.TChichgarMaker of Special Wooden Toys. CHICH = Wooden Toy,  GAR = Maker.TGazdarParsis In Surat were in Ship building trade, the timber had to be cut to specification. They used a Measure of a  GAJ = Yardstick & also a  DOR  = Rope, for more measures other than a Yard. Thus  these Tradesmen were called GAJ-DOR  Which later became GAZDAR.TKotwalA Police Magistrate of Yore.TNagarwalaOne who Satys in BiGCities. NAGAR = BiGCity.TShahA Persian word denoting A King Or Monarch.
TAarasiwalaOne who deals in Mirrors, AARSI=Mirror.TChiniwalaOne who deals in Sugar, Hindi CHINI=Sugar.TGeneralObe who works as a Commander of an Army, Ranking above a Lieutenant General.TLaaherOne dealing in Shellac or Lac, a Material used for Varnishing etc. LAAH=Shellac, Lac.TNalwalaOne dealing in Taps, NAL=Tap.TShahukarA Person Dealing in Money, A Banker. SHAHUKAR= A Kind of Banker of yore.
TAaraswalaOne Dealing in Marble stones, AARAS=Marble.TChipiaOne who Works as a Gambler Dealing with Playing Cards.TGhaaswalaOne who deals in Grass, GHAAS=Grass.TLaahewalaOne dealing in Shellac or Lac, a Material used for Varnishing etc. LAAH=Shellac, Lac.TNanavatiOne Dealing as A Money Changer / Lender,  From  NAANAA = Money, VATI=Dealer.TSharaafiOne who Works as a Money Lender. SHARAAF=Money Lender.
TAchaariaA Person Dealing in Pickles, ACHAAR = PicklesTChitalwalaOne who deals in Bangles, CHITAL=Bangles.TGhadialiA watch Repairer, or Dealing in Watches. GHADIAL = Watch. TLaakadia / LaakadyaOne who Deals in Wooden Sticks, Originally LAKDI=Wooden Stick..TNaqviA TITLE.  Originally a Muslim Religious Head.Of the Lineage of Prophet Mohammed.TSharafOne who Works as a Money Lender. SHARAAF=Money Lender.
TAcidwalaOne Dealing in Acid.TChitthiwalaOne who deals in making invitation Cards, Notes or Letters.TGheewalaA Person Dealing in Clarified Butter.  GHEE = Clarified Butter.TLaalaA Strong Man Who Kept Doors at the Theatre. Term Mainly used for Pathans.TNariaawalaA Person who deals in Roof Tiles, NARIAA = Roof Tiles. TShastriA Priest.   Also meaning A Wise One. From Sanskrit SHASHTRA = Scriptures.  A Teacher of Sanskrit Sutras - Religious Texts etc.
TAdagraOne Who Deals in Warehouse for Keeping Peeled Cotton..TChobdarA Security Personnel, Literarily, One Who Carries a Stick, CHOB= Stick,    DAAR= One Who Carries.TGhodawalaA Horse trader. One who Deals in Horses. GHODA = Horse.                                                          Could Also be From GHODA  Kalol Tal Panchmahal Dist Gujarat.TLaalinwalaDealing in a Special Type of Linen Cloth.TNazirA TITLE A Seer, A Superintendent of a Religious Place,  A Gaurdian.of the Religion.TSherdiwalaOne who Deals in Sugarcane. SHERDI = Sugarcane.                                                                       Could also be From SHERDI Olpad Tal. Surat. Dist. In Gujarat.
TAdarianwalaOne working in Fire Temples. ADARIAN = Fire Temple An Agiyari.TChoksey / ChokshiOne Who deals in Jewellery. Makers of Ornaments in Gold & Silver.TGhorkhodooOne Who works as A Grave Digger. GHOR = Grave,  KHODOO = Digger. During the reign of last Nawab (Sadrudin) of Surat, Parsees were forced to dig graves. When Aurangzeb's watch was not functioning, one Parsi went to Delhi to repair it & as a reward he asked the Parsis be exempted from Digging Graves.Rustomji Ghorkhodoo was the one who saved Gandhiji in south Africa.TLaalsodagarOne who deals in Red Rubies.TNeksatkhan / NaksatkhanA Muslim Title. Awarded By the Moghul Emperor. NEK= Good,  SAAT=Moment, time, KHAN=Family.TSheriffAn Honorary Office, a Head of the Town or City Specially in Western Countries.
TAfinwalaAn Opium Dealer. Parsis flourished due to Opium Trade Especially in China.               AFIN = Opium.TChowdharyA Title. One who keeps watch on the Boundary of a City or Town.TGinwalaDealing in GINS, Used for cleaning raw Cotton.TLaamOne who Works in an Army.TNetarwalaOne who Deals in Cane Sticks, NETAR = Cane Stick. TShikaraOne who is a Hunter, SHIKAAR= To Hunt.
TAkhun / AkhoonA Teacher..From Persian / Arabic AKHOON = A TeacherTClerkOne who works in an office, doinGClerical job.TGodiaA Person who worked at Ports. GODI = Port, A = Of.TLaatiwalaOne who Deals in Wood Planks, LAATI = Wood Plank.TNirawalaOne Dealing in a Natural Drink obtained from a Tree,Sweet in taste, from which when Fermneted Taadi is Made. TShikariOne who is a Hunter, SHIKAARI=  Hunter.
TAnjeerbaugOne Who deals in Figs' Garden.. ANJEER = Fig  BAUG = Garden.TClubwalaone who Owns or Works in  a Club.TGodiwalaA Person who worked at Ports. GODI = Port, WALA = Of.TLakdawalaOne who deals in Wood, LAAKDAA=Wood.TPaajnigaraOne Who Makes a Very Fine Silk Cloth.  PAAJ = Very Fine Silk Cloth, NI = of,   GARA = Maker.     Could Also be From PAAJ  in Iran.TShroffA Money Lender. Anglisized  from SHARAF=Money Lender.
TAnjeerbaugwalaOne Who deals in Figs' Garden.. ANJEER = Fig  BAUG = Garden.TCoachbuilderA Person makinGCoaches for Carriages.TGolawalaDealing in Ice-Candy. GOLA = Ice-Candy.TLavangiaA Person Dealing in Cloves, LAVANG=Clove.TPachnigaraOne Who Makes a Very Fine Perforated CHIKAN Embroidered Cloth. PAACHNI = Very Fine Perforated Embroidered Cloth,  GARA = Maker.TSipaiA Person who works as a Soldier in the Army or Police.
TAnjeerwalaOne Who deals in Figs. A kind of Dry Fruit. ANJEER = FigTCoachmanOne who deals in Coaches.TGolwalaOne who deals in Jaggery, GOL=Jaggery.TLeninwalaOne who Deals in a Type of Linen Cloth.TPaghdiwalaA Person dealing in Head Gears, PAAGHDI=Head Gear.TSodawaterBottleOpenerwalaA person Dealing in  Soft Drink SODA + WATER+ BOTTLE +OPENER.
TAntiaOne dealing in spun Skein of yarn. AANTI=Skein of yarn.                                     Could Also be Of AANTI Village Padra Tal. Vadodra.Dist. In GujaratTCollectorA Title, for one who collects revenue etc. for the Government.TGovernorOne who Works as an Official in Governing the state or City.TLilaowalaOne who Works as an Auctioner. LILAO / LILAAM=Auction.TPainterOne who Paints Pictures or Buildings etc.TSodawaterBottlewalaOne who deals in Empty Soft Drink Bottles.  SODA + WATER +BOTTLE
TAvariOne who is unavoidable. From AVAAR=unavoidable.TCommissariatA Military Department in charge of food & supplies, for the Troops etc.TGuard One who works to look after the safety of People. A Head.  Specially in Railways.TLimathwalaTPajnigarOne Who Makes a Very Fine Silk Cloth, From PAAJ = Very Fine Silk Cloth, NI = of,  GAR = To Make.TSodawaterwalaOne who Deals in Soft Drinks. SODA + WATER
TBaajwalaA person working in Agiyaris/Atashbehram who brought consecrated food = BAAJ,  to the homes of the People.TCommodoreA Naval Rank above the Captain. Surname of A Parsi Businessman of Rawalpindi.TGuineawalaOne who deals in Guinea Gold Coins.TLimboowalaOne who deals in Lemons, LIMBOO=Lemon.TPalkhiwalaOne dealing in Palenquins for Carrying people, PALKHI=Palenquin.TSolaiOne who makes Hats from the Bark of a Bush growing in Swamps called - SOLA.
TBaangaaOne dealing in Carded Cotton For the Textile Mills. BAANGAA = Carded Cotton.TConfectionerOne who makes sweets & Confectionery.TGumastaA Person who deals in Domestic Servant.TLodhawalaOne making Iron Utensils, Originally From LODHU=Iron.TPaneerwalaOne dealing in Home Made Cottage Cheese,  PANEER=Cottage Cheese.TSolainaOne who makes Hats from the Bark of a Bush growing in Swamps called - SOLA.
TBaapaasolaOne who makes Hats with his father. BAAPA=Father. SOLA=A bush from which cloth for hats is made.TConstableA Rank in the Police & the Army, a lay Police man.THaathawalaOne Dealing in handles for Tools, From HAATHO=Handle.TLoharA Blacksmith, From Hindi LOHA=Iron.TPanthakyA Parsi Head Priest in an Agiyari, having Followers of Many Families who Looks after All their Religious Work.TSoonawalaOne Dealing in Gold,Originally SOONNU=Gold.
TBadriOne who owns a type of a Berry Plant, AJujube tree, the Berry of which was supposed to be a favourite of Lord Shiv..TContractorOne individual that contracts with another organization or individual for the construction of a Building, Road or other facility.THaathikhanawala
One who Works in a Place where Elephants are kept.   HAATHI = Elephant. KHAANAA= House/ Place.
TMaachhiOne who works as a Fisherman, MAACHHI=Fisherman.TPaowwalaOne who Worked in a Bakery to Make Breads, PAOW=Bread.TSopariwalaOne who deals in Betelnuts, SOPARI=Betelnut.
TBailiffAn officer who Executes Writs and Processes and carries out  Arrests. TControllerOne who Controls or Restricts actions by Rules & Regulations.THadvaidOne who is a Bonesetter, HAAD=Bones, VAID=A Local Doctor.TMaachhliwalaOne who works as a Fisherman, MAACHHLI=Fish.TParakh / ParekhOne who Tests Diamonds & Precious Stones for their Purity.TStationmasterOne who works as a head of the Railway Station.
TBajanOne who performs on ropes.From BAJAANIYO=one who performs on ropes.TDaftari / DaftaryA Record Keeper, A Book Keeper, Specially in Offices, DAFTAR = Office..THakimA Local Doctor of erstwhile Mughal Times.TMaachiOne who Provides Sandalwood sticks for the Fire Throne, in Fire Temples.TPastakiaOne Dealing or working as a Vegetable Merchant.TSubedarA Rank in the Indian Army in British Times,Equivalent to Brtish Lieutenant.
TBakerOne who Bakes Bread & cakes.TDahiwalaOne dealing in Curds, DAHI=Curd.THaradhwalaOne dealing in Turmeric, Originally HALDAR=Turmeric.TMaalganjOne Dealing In a Pile of Goods, MAAL=Goods, GANJ=Pile, Heap.TPatelA  Headman, One who Wore a Belt as a Mark of Honour. Given for keeping recrds of Land Stretch. Origianlly from PAATIDAAR. PAATI= A Stretch of Land, Also from  PATTA = A Stretch of Land..TSukhadwalaA Person Dealing in Sandalwood. Originally From Gujarati  SU = GOOD,  KHAD = WOOD.
TBakshiA Title. One who distributed wages  Persian BAKSHI= Paymaster.TDalalOne who acts as an Agent, A Broker, An Intermediary.THasantampalA Title From HASN-TOPAL, HASN - Muslim Name & TOPAL - Surname of Turkish lord of The Ottoman Empire. Later To HASAN TAMPAL..TMaaliOne Working as a Gardener MAALI=Gardener.TPathanOne Who works as a Strong man. Originaly Afghan Pathans.TSultanA Title, An Islamic King or Ruler From Arabic, SULTAH = Authority, Rulership. Later became a Title for a Soveriegn Ruler of a Province.
TBambaawalaOne who worked in Fire Brigade. BAMBAA=Fire Brigade. WALA= Of..TDarbariOne Who Works in A King's Court. DARBAAR = King's Court.THavaldarA Rank in the Police or the Army.TMaamlatdarOne who Collects revenue fro Small Tows, Cities or Villages, Same as Tehsildar Or Talukdar.TPatiwalaOne who Deals in Small Strips of either wood or Metal. PATTI=Small strips.TSuraahiwalaOne Dealing in a Special Pitcher Vessel to Pour Liquor From SURAAHI = Liquor Pitcher Vessel.
TBanatwalaOne dealing in a type of Broad Woollen Cloth. BANAT=Broad Woollen Cloth.TDarjiOne who works as a Tailor, DARJI=Tailor. HirawalaOne who deals in Diamonds & Jewels, HIRA=Diamonds.TMaarfatiaA Middle man Who gets Deals Done. A Type of an Agent Or Broker.  MAARFAT = Via, through.TPatrawalaOne Dealing in Leaf of Trees. Specially Banana Leaves, used for Traditional  Marriage & Navjote Cuisine, PATRA = Leaves.TSuraawalaOne dealing in Liquor, SURAA=Liquor, Alchohol.
TBankerOne who works in a Bank.TDarogaA chief officer; especially: the head of a Police, Customs, or Excise.THodidalalAn Agent or Broker Dealing in Boats, HODI=Boat, DALAL=Agent, BrokerTMaatiwalaOne dealing in Sand or Mud, MAATI=Sand, Mud.TPatwaOne who Intwines Ornaments with Golden Or Silk Thread.TSurveyorOne who surveys land, buildings, etc. as a profession.
TBankwalaOne who works in a Bank.TDarukhanawalaOne Who owns or Works in a FireWorks Shop. DARUKHANA = Fireworks Shop.THodiwalaOne Dealing in Boats, HODI=Boat.TMaavawalaA Person Dealing in Solid Milk Product after burning iI slowly.TPaymasterOne Responsible for the Payment of the workers, A Cashier.TSutariaOne who traded in Cotton Yarn. SUTAR = Cotton Yarn.
TBarafwalaOne who deals in Ice, BARAF=Ice.TDaruwalaOne who deals in Liquor, DARU=Liquor.THomavalaOne who deals in the Juice of the HOAM Plant, used in Religious Ceremonies.TMachhina / MaachhinaOne who works as a Fisherman, MAACHHI=Fisherman.TPetigaraOne who Makes Chest-Boxes, PETI = Chest-Box, GARA = Maker. TTaadwalaOne who deals in Toddy Trees, TAAD=Toddy Tree.
TBarristerA Lawyer, One who Gives specialised Advice on Points of law.TDarvishA Title, Name for a Sufi Holy Man.THotelwalaOne who owns or works in a Hotel.TMachhiwalaOne who Deals in Fish, MACHHI=Fish.TPhotographerOne who Deals or Works in a Phtography Shop. One who Takes Photographs.TTabelawalaOne who Owns or deals in Horse Stables. TABELA = Horse Stable.
TBatliboiA Person who deals in Empty Bottles, BATLI=Bottle.TDastoor / DasturA Parsi Head Priest Mainly in Fire Temples.TIcewalaOne who deals in Ice.TMadonOne who Deals or Works in Mines.TPijaraOne Who Worked as a Cotton Thrasher. Making the Cotton Soft for Filling in Mattresses etc.TTalatiOne who works as a  Accountant.
TBatliwalaA Person who deals in Empty Bottles, BATLI=Bottle.TDavarA Dispenser of Justice, A Judge.TIjner Indianisation of - An Engineer.  IJNER = Engineer.TMajorA High Ranking officer in the Armed Forces.TPipwala / PeepwalaOne Dealing in Drums. Or Casks. From gujarati Peep = A Cask or Drums / Barrels made of Wood or Metal for storage of liquid.TTalukdarOne who Deals in Estate Agency of a Subdivision of a Teritory. TALUKA = Subdivision of an area of a State. A Sub District.
TBattiwalaOne who deals in Lamps, BATTI=Lamp, Light.TDeputyOne who is working under the head of a Department of a factory.TInspectorOne who works as a Police Officer of a Higher Rank.TMakatiOne who works as a Tax or Excise  Collector .TPithawalaOne who works in a Tavern, Originally PITHU=Tavern.TTalyarkhanA Muslim Title, Awarded by the Moghul Emperor-  Meaning  One who is of  the  Good Fortune.
TBaugwalaOne working in Gardens, BAUG=Garden.TDesaiA TITLE, Officer in Charge of a District. (1st Bestowed to Changa Asha of Navsari.)TJaagirdarA land owner, JAAGIR=LandTMalaatiDealer in Thick Brown Cardboards. Originally From Hindi, MALAAT = A Thick Brown Cardboard.TPleaderOne who Pleaded or argued a Case in Court a Kind of Lawyer.TTamboliA Dealer of Tobacco Products From.Sanskrit TAAMBOOL=Tobacco Leaf .(Paan)  TAMBOLI = Dealer in Tobacco Products.
TBehremandkhan / BahremandkhanA Muslim Title, Awarded by the Moghul Emperor. Meaning One who gives Auspicious Blessings.TDeshmukhTitle Denoting a person who was granted a territory of land, in certain States of India. Originally Titled  DESH = Country. MUKHI = Head.TJailorOne who is a Head of Jails.TMalaiwalaOne who deals in Milk Cream, MALAI=Milk Cream.TPlumberOne who fits & repairs the pipes and fittings of water supply.Taps etc.TTambuwalaOne Dealing in Tents, TAMBU=Tent.
TBhadaOne who deals in Parchers oven BHAAD=Parchers Oven.                                                                         Could Also be of  Bhada Village Kamrej Tal Surat Dist. in GujaratTDhaarwarOne who Sharpens a Knife's Edge.TJamadarA Rank in the Police, A head of Police.TManagerOne who Manages an Organization or a group of People.TPochkhanawalaOne Dealing in an Empty Cereal Box.TTampalA Title .TOPAL -A Turkish Lord of The Ottoman Empire. Later To  TAMPAL.
TBhajiwalaOne dealing in Spinach, BHAJI=Spinach.TDhalla / DhalaTJariwalaOne who Deals in Gold & Silver Thread Work.  TMandiwalaOne who works in a Market, MANDI=Market.TPolishwalaA Person working as a Polishman, Polishing Furniture's etc.TTankshaalwalaOne who works in a Mint, TANKSHAL= A Mint.
TBhamgaraOne who works as a Turner on a Lathe.TDivaanA TITLE.  Denoting -  A CHIEF MINISTER..   The Highest Official in the Court,  After The King.TJoshiOne who is an Astrologer, JOSHI=Astrologer.TMarazbanOne who Guards the Boundaries Persian MARZ=Border, Boundary,  BAAN=GuardianTPostmasterA Head of the Post Office.TTarmasterA Head Post Office Person Dealing with Telegram Messages. TAAR= (Wire) Telegram Message.
TBhandaraOne who provides food for the whole VillageTDoctorOne who works as a Medical Practitioner.TJungaalwalaOne of who treated AIDS with Chemicals. Hindi JUNGAAL = Name of a Chemical.      It was initially Limited to various Arsenic Compounds Only.TMariwalaOne dealing in Pepper, MARI=Pepper.TPostwalaA Person Working in a Post Office.TTarwalaA person in The Postal dept who brings Telegram Messages. TAAR =  Telegram Message.
TBhandariOne who works as a Treasurer.TDoodhaThose dealing in Milk, DOODH=Milk.TJunglewalaOne Trading in Jungle Items.TMarkerOne who Marks scores. Specially in Billiards.TPothiwalaOne who Deals in Large Books.  POTHI= Large Heavy Book.TTehsildarOne who Collects Land Revenue From Small Towns or Cities & TEHSIL = Land Revenue, Same as TALUKDAR.                                                                      
TBhansaliA Title. A Hindu Surname used for Brahmin Community.TDoodhmalA Person who deals in Milk.TKaakraawala / KaakdaawalaOne Dealing in Wicks for Lamp Lights KAAKKDO= Wick for Lamp Light.TMarshallA High Ranking officer in the Armed Forces.TPressOne who deals in or works in a Printing Press.TTesterOne who Deals in Testing Equipment.
TBhomiaA Guide, One who Shows the Way around BHOM = Land,  IA = One Who.TDoodhwalaA Person who deals in Milk.TKaandaawalaOne who Trades in Onions Guj Kaandaa=OnionTMasalawalaOne who deals in Spices, MASALA=Spices.TPresswalaOne who deals in or works in a Printing Press.TTijoriwalaOne who Makes or Deals in Safes, TIJORI=Safe.
TBhomisaA Guide, Like the One who Shows the Way around BHOM=Land,  I=One who,  SA=Like. TDordiDealing in Rope Or Strings. DOR = Rope or Strings. Dadabhai Navroji's Surname was DORDI.TKaathaawalaOne who deals in Catechu. A Vegetable extract used for Making 'PAAN' - Beetle nut Leaves for chewing..TMasalewalaOne who deals in Spices, MASALA=Spices.TPrinterOne who works as a Printer in a Printing Press, or a Newspaper.TTimberwalaA person dealing in Wood Anglicised Form of LAAKDAAWALA.
TBhoodanwalaOne who Donates land. BHOO=Land,  DAAN=Donation..TDriverOne who works as a Driver of Vehicles, like cars & even Railway Engines.TKaathiwalaOne who deals in Coir Products, like Ropes & Mats etc, from the Fibres of the outer husk of Coconuts.TMasaniOne who works in a Cemetery, From Hindi  SMASHAAN=Cemetery.TPundoleOne Who works as a Priest.              TTodiwala / ToddywalaA person dealing in Toddy Anglicized Form of TAADIWALA.
TBilliardmakerOne who Makes Billiard Tables for the game. TDubashMany Parsis were used as Interpreters by the Dutch & British. They spoke Both the Languages. From DU=Two, BHAASH = Language. Hence they came to be called     DU - BHASH,  Later  to DUBASH.TKallaigarA Tinsmith, One who Puts tin Film on Utensils, KALLAI=Tin.TMashruwalaMakers of a Woven Fabric Mixed with Cotton & Silk Thread MASHRU is an Arabic word Meaning 'Mixed'. in olden days Muslims were forbidden to wear Silk so a Mix was made. It is now made mainly in Patan Gujarat.TPunjiajiOne who Deals in PUNJI = Sticks used as Booby Traps, originally for Bears.  Later in India  for the Britishers.TTolatA Title. One who works as a Governor or  Governor General. From Bengali  TOLAT= Governor.
TBisniOne Dealing in Fibres extracted from a Lotus Shaft. BIS=Fibre of Lotus.TDukandarOne who works in or owns a Shop, DUKAAN=Shop.TKalliwalaOne dealing in Ornaments for the women's Wrist.  From  KALLI =  Women's Wrist Ornaments.TMasterOne who is Adept in Doing Things, One who has many others working under him. A School Teacher.TQazi / KaziA TITLE.  A Judge, Ruling in accordance with the Islamic Religious Law. TTopchi
One who works as a Cannon Gunner TOP = Cannon.
TBoatwalaOne Dealing in Boats.TDukanwalaOne who works in or owns a Shop, DUKAAN=Shop.TKamdarA Person who works as a layman, an ordinary Worker.TMehdiwalaDealing in Myrtle, a kind of Shrub, used mainly for Hair Colouring, MEHDI = Myrtle.TRabadiOne who Rears Cattle,  Originally from RABAARI,  A community in Gujarat who Rears Cattle.TTreasurywalaOne who works in a Treasury, a Government Department.
TBobbinmakerOne who makes Bobbins for cloth Weaving.TDupattawalaOne dealing in Dupattas, a cloth worn over the shoulders  by Women.TKanga one who deals in a type of cereal,/grain.TMehtaAn Accountant a Clerk.TRadiowalaOne who Deals in Radios.TTurelOne Who Deals in or Plays  the Clarionet.
TBogdaawalaA person Who makes Tunnels. Originally BOGDU = TunnelTDupattewalaOne dealing in Dupattas, a cloth worn over the shoulders  by Women.TKapadiaA  Cloth Merchant, A Draper, KAAPAD=Cloth.TMerchantOne who Trades in Different Commodities. A Trader Businessman.TRagdiwalaOne who Deals in a Kind of Food consisting of Thick Gravy, with Dried Peas, Potato & other Lentins. Called RAGDO.TVaadwalaOne who deals in Fences VAAD=Fence.
TBokdawalaOne who Deals in Goats. Originally BOKDO = GoatTDusadwalaA Hindu caste mainly Working as a Village Watchman (Chowkidar).                          Could Also be of DUSADH Auranagabad Dist. In Bihar.TKaraariaOne who Makes Court Documents.  From Gujarati  KARAAR = Court Document, An Agreement.TMessmanOne who serves in a Mess room, A Steward or waiter mainly on Ships TRajaOne who is A king, RAAJAA=King.TVahanvatiaOne Dealing in Ship Trading. A Sea Traveller, VAHAAN=Ship.
TBokraOne Dealing in Goats .Adapted From BOKDA, BOKDO = GoatTDutiaA Title used mainly for a Rajput Clan of Bhaats.TKaraawalaOne Dealing In Wrist Bands Mostly Iron or Steel. KADUN=Wrist bandTMevawalaOne dealing in Dry Fruits, MEVA=Dry Fruits.TRanaOne who is A king, Rajputs called their Kings, RAANAA= Rajput King.TVaidA Local Doctor of Olden Times.
TBonesetterOne who Sets Bones. A Hadvaid.TEindawalaOne who deals in Eggs, EINDA=Eggs.TKarai A wood Sawyer. A Person who keeps Tools Mostly for Gardening.TMillerOne who works in a Grain Mill.TRangwalaOne who deals in Colours, RANG=Colour.TVajifdarOne who owns Land Given as Gift. Originally -  VAJIFO = Land given as gift, DAAR =  Having, owner.
TBookbinderOne dealing in Binding of Books.TElchiOne dealing in Spices, ELCHI=Cardamon.TKaraniA Clerk, or a Storekeeper mainly in Ships. One who keeps Accounts.       TMillwalaOne who works in a Textile Mill.TRaoA TITLE.  Meant for an Honourable  person,  A Local King type,  Specially used  in Maharashtra.TVakhaariaOne who owns a Warehouse, VAKHAR= Warehose, DAAR =  Having, owner.
TBoomlawalaA person dealing in Bombay Ducks, BOOMLA=Bombay Ducks.TElchidanaOne dealing in Spices, ELCHI=Cardamon, DAANA=Seeds.TKarbhariOne who works as an Administrator. KAARBHAAR=Administration.TMinbattiwalaA Person dealing in Wax Candles. MINBATTI=Wax candle.TRatnagarA Maker of Jewels or Precious stones. RATNA = Jewels, GAR = Maker.TVakilOne who is A Lawyer, VAKIL=Lawyer.
TBottlewalaA Person dealing in Bottles. Anglisized Form Of Batliwala.TElectricwalaOne who deals in Electric Goods.TKarkhanawalaA Person Working in a Factory .KARKHANA = Factory TMinwalaOne dealing in Wax, MIN=Wax.TRatnakarOne who Deals in Jewels or Precious Stones. RATNA = Jewels.TVaniaA Hindu Tradesman, Also A Clerk, Adapted from BANIYA.  Originally People trading under the BANYAN Tree.
TBoywalaOne who Performs Ceremonies inside Fire Temples, a Priest.TElvaadwalaTKasadOne who works as Messenger, A Courier KAASAD=Messenger. CourierTMistryA Person working as a Carpenter.TRavjiA TTLE, Usually meaning A Local King. Originating From RAO + JI.TVazirA Right Hand of the King, A Chief Minister of Yore.
TBrandywalaOne dealing in Brandy.TEngineerOne who works as an Engineer, controling & operating Machines.TKateliOne who deals in grass Matting. From KAT=Grass Matting.TMithaiwalaOne who makes Sweets, A Confectioner, MITHAI=Sweets.TReaderOne who works in a university as a lecturer, a grade below the Professor.TVaziriOne who has been working as VAZIR.
TCabinetmakerA person who makes Cabinets.TFarsiwalaOne who Deals in Axes. From Hindi FARSI=Axe.TKatgaraOne who Carves Wood for Building Purposes,TMithawalaOne who deals in Salt, Originally MITHU=Salt.TRegistrarOne who works as an official responsible for keeping a Register or official records, either in a University or a Court.TVimadalalAn Agent dealing with Insurance, VIMA=insurance, DALAL=Agent.
TCakewalaOne who makes Cakes.TFeniwalaOne dealing in Local liquor Called FENI.TKatpitiaA Person Dealing in Wood For Building Purpose.TMobedA Zoroastrian Priest of High Calibre,  Originally  From Avesta MAGOPAT - MAGVAN=MAGI Priests.TReporterOne who reports news for a newspaper or Radio or Television..TVyajkhorOne who Deals in Money Lending, Gives money on Interest. VYAJ = Interest.
TCanteenwalaone working in a Canteen.TFisherOne who deals in Fishes. English equivalent of Maachhliwala.TKatrakOne dealing in old wood for Building from KAAT=Old wood for building.TMobedjiA Suffix -Ji Added to Mobed, JI=Jivamt, Living, an Honourable word.TRivetnaOne dealing in Rivets, Used to Join two things together.TWaadigarOne who Makes Gardens, WAADI=Garden, GAR=To Make.
TCaptain / CaptaanA Rank in the Army & Police. A Chief Rank.TFitterOne who works with Machines to Fit or Modify Parts.TKelawala /KerawalaA Person who Deals in KELA = Bananas or Plaintains.TMody / ModiA Grocer, One who Sells Essential Provisions Like Grains, Oil, Tea etc.TRoowalaOne dealing in Cotton, ROO=Cotton.TWaadiwala One who deals in gardens, WAADI=Garden.                                                                                      Could also be From VAADI Umrapada Tal. Surat Dist. Gujarat.
TCardmasterHead of The CardinGDepartment. of a Textile Mill.TFloristOne who Deals or Works as a Flower Decorator & Selling Flowers.TKhaadiwalaOne  Dealing in Hand Spun Coarse Cloth, KHAADI=Coarse Cloth.                             Could Also Be of Khadi Village Songadh Tal. Surat Dist. Gujarat.TMohalledarOne who stays in a Mohallah, a neigbourhood of some particular clan or Sect..TRumwalaOne Dealing in RUM, A type of Liquor.TWadiaFrom WAADIO=Carpenters Making or Building  of Ships. Famous ship builders in Surat who made ships also for the British Army. Lovji Wadia is a Famous Ancestor of the Prestigious Wadia Family. (Could Also could be from Vadia Village in Savali Tal. Vadodra District In Gujarat)
TCarpenterA person Making  Wooden Furniture. TFozdar / FouzdarA Rank in the Police & the Army, A Police officer.TKhaarawalaOne dealing in a type of Lined Cloth Persian KHAARAA=A lined Cloth.TMotiwalaOne dealing in Pearls, MOTI=Pearl.TRupaA Person Dealing in Silver, RUPA=Silver.TWardenOne who works as a Head of a School or a Prison.
TChaamdaawalaA person dealing in Leather, Originally CHAMDU=Leather.TFurniturewalaOne who deals in or works as a Furniture Dealer.TKhajurinaOne Dealing in Date Trees.. KHAJURI = Date Tree..TMotivindhaaraaOne who Pierces a Pearl. MOTI= Pearl VINDHAARAA= Piercer, One who Pierces. (Found on A tomb in Rangoon Burma of 1900)TSaarigaraA Maker of Saari, Embroidery etc.TWatchmakerOne who works as a Watch Maker, Making & repairing Watches..
TChaiwalaA Person dealing in Tea, CHAI=Tea.TGaadiwalaOne dealing in Seats of Chairs, GAADI=Seat.TKhalifaA Chief. Muslim Civil or Religious Ruler, After Mohammad Paigamber.  In Arabic  KHALIFA = Deputy or Messenger of God.TMotorwalaA Person dealing in Cars or Motors.TSagdiwalaOne who deals in Old Type of wood Fed Stoves.TWelderOne who works as a Welder Joining Metal surfaces by Welding.
TChandiwalaOne dealing in Silverware, CHAANDI=Silver.TGaajiOne who Makes button holes in Clothes. GAAJ= Button Hole.TKhanA Title for An Important Muslim Person, Prince or a Ruler. An Islamic Cheiftan. Originally from Mongolian Rulers, who used Khan as an ImportanceTMountwalaOne who Stays  or Deals in Mountains.TSahigaraOne who Makes Ink, Originally SHYAHI = Ink, GARA = Maker.TWinemerchantOne dealing in WINE, a Kind of Liquor.
TChariwalaOne dealing in Stands for Keeping the Cattle Standing.TGaajwalaOne who Makes button holes in Clothes. GAAJ= Button Hole.TKharaadiOne who works on a Lathe. KHARAAD=Lathe.TMukadamOne who works as a Headman, MUKADAM=Headman, Foreman.TSahiwalaOne who Makes Ink, Originally SHYAHI = Ink, WALA=Of.TWorkingboxwalaA Person who Made or Dealt in Boxes with some contrivances & Workings.
TChasniwalaOne who Brings CHASNI=Consecrated Food from Agiyaris.TGaanjiaOne who Deals in breeding a type of Tibetan Sheep Called GANJIA.TKhataarawalaOne dealing in trucks, KHATAARA=Trucks.TMullanFrom Arabic, MULLAH =A Muslim Clergy Well versed in Quran, Head of a Mosque.TSaklatOne who Deals in a Kind of Woollen Cloth.TWriterA person who writes books or articles as a regular occupation.
TChavdaA Title. Used for  Rajput Kings..TGaariwalaOne who has a Car, GAARI=Car.TKhatauA Person making profit in dealing in Milch Cattle.TMunsafA Subordinate Civil Judge.TSaklatwalaOne who Deals in a Kind of Woollen Cloth.TZaveri One who Deals in Jewels. ZAVERI = A Jeweller.
TCheckerA Ticket checker.TGagratOne who Deals in Small water Pots or pitcher for water.TKheshwalaOne dealing in piece of Cloth for keeping on the Shoulder.TMunshiA TITLE, For A secretary or a Teacher.TSardarA Leader, One who Leads, A Head of a Group.   
TChhapgarOne who makes Plates for Printing Work, CHHAAP=Print.TGaiwalaA person who deals in Cows, GAAI=Cow.TKhursigaraOne who makes Chairs, KHURSI = Chair,  GARA = To Make.TMunsifOne Giver of Justice, A Judge.TSarkaawalaThose dealing in Vinegar, From SARKO=Vinegar.   
TChhapkhanawalaA Person who Owns or Works in a Printing Press.TGajiOne who Deals in the Iron Rod used to Measure Cloth or Ropes. GAJ- A yardstickTKillawalaOne who owns or deals in Castles,  KILLA=Castle.TNaanwalaOne who Deals in a Special type of Sweet Bread like a Bun.TSarkariAn Official in The Government, SARKAR=Government.   
TChhatriwalaOne who makes Umbrellas, CHHATRI=Umbrella.TGandhiOne who deals in Grocery, as well as Local Medicinal Herbs.TKolsawalaOne dealing in Coal, From KOLSO=Coal.TNaaraawalaOne dealing in Making Strings to Tie The Pyjamas.NAADU=String to tie pajamasTScrewwalaOne dealing In Screws.   
TChhibberOne dealing in Covers for Vessels.TGanjipaOne who deals in Playing Cards. Persian GANJIPHA=Playing Cards.TKothaariOne Who Deals in Storage Godowns. Specially for Grains. KOTHAAR = Godown.TNaarielwalaA Person dealing in Coconuts, NARIEL=Coconut.TSecretaryAn official of a Society or other Organization, who Conducts its working and keeps its Records. 433